Electronic Devices


Electronic Devices

electronic devices

An electronic device is a collection of small units and actuators. The manufacturing equipment for these units is also a collection of small actuators. HIR supplies a wide variety of actuators to all market areas where space-saving and energy-saving actuators are continually in demand.

Various portable TV camera systems

A remote-control TV camera system must move in many different ways smoothly enough to take clear images. In addition, system operation must be quiet for clear sound recording. Our LM Guides based on Caged technologies can help create drive mechanisms for which smoothness and quietness are vital.

Automatic teller machines (ATMs)

HIR's slide rails are used in the openings of automatic teller machines (ATMs) where cash is deposited or removed. These Slide Rails, with their light weight and compact characteristics, continue to contribute the development to compact ATM design.

Compact photo development apparatus

Miniature LM Guides and Ball Screws are used in the apparatus that scan camera negatives, process film image data, and output color pictures from printers. Because such apparatus are intended for use in photo developing and printing stores, they must be compact in size. THK's miniature products deliver the highly accurate focus needed for the film scanning section while also allowing compact design.

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