Industrial Robots


Industrial Robots


Robots are used in various industries to position workpieces very quickly and accurately. Some robots have multi-joint assemblies letting them simulate the movements of human arms. These joint sections must have a high swing accuracy and high rigidity ensuring that sudden stops do not put them off-track, HIR's unique products are powerful and small enough to meet those demands.

5-joint closed-link robots

Positioning robots that challenge the limits of acceleration and deceleration. The guidance section must have accuracy and rigidity, and the basic structure must display excellent attenuation during stoppages. Cross-Roller Rings are used in the swing section to realize this rigidity and speed.

Arc welding robots

Cross-Roller Rings are used in the rotary motion section of joints in arc welding robots on a production line of factories. Because Cross-Roller Rings alone are sufficientry rigid in the direction of each load of radial and axial moments, they can be used to develop the compact joints of robots.

Scalar robots

Scalar robots are used to transport and position workpieces within small areas. LM Guide systems are crucial for their high accuracy in both stroke movement and rotation on the Z axis, where high speed and low runout are essential.

Double-arm robots

Double-armed robots designed to simulate movements of human arms must be capable of repeatedly executing complicated operations smoothly. In addition, the robots must be rigid and exhibit high-speed responses. THK's linear motion systems and Cross-Roller Rings can reduce the size of robots while increasing their rigidity and operation speed.

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