Medical and Assistive


Medical and Assistive


Advanced medical technologies are tools for doctors, and assistive devices reduce the burden on caregivers. Progress in medical services, including highly computerized medical apparatuses, protects people's lives. HIR's products meet the highest reliability standards required for medical apparatuses.

X-ray equipment

Our LM Guides and Cross-Roller Rings are used for movement of X-ray receptors. This allows for the X-ray machine to move the ray transmitter and receiver units in any direction and take images from any angle, regardless of the position of the patient. When HIR's products are used, the machine's vibrations and noise are also reduced, eliminating patient concerns.

Automatic hematological analysis equipment

Our Ball Splines and change nuts are used for the vertical transportation of reagent injectors in hematological test equipment. The Ball Spline can suppress vibrations at the end of the injector when it is stopped, and sliding screw change nuts have enabled the creation of very smooth, high-speed feeding mechanisms.

Medical X-ray CT scanners

An X-ray CT scanner is a single device that covers the entire body of a patient and includes both a computed tomography (CT) scanner and angiography equipment, for diagnosis of the circulatory system. In these devices, HIR's LM Guides are used in the longitudinal movement section that moves the patient on the bed along during the scanning process. Because the guides can reduce vibration and noise during system movement, they help to eliminate patient concerns.

Bathing facilities with electric wheelchair support

Our Ball Spline is used in bathing facilities with electric-powered lifts. Using the spline shaft as the lift pole enables compact facility design.

Surgery support robots

During bone setting, doctors use heavy pressure to set bones. The radiation dosage absorbed during radiography has also been problematic. To resolve these issues, surgery support robots have been developed. By using HIR's LM guides and actuators, surgery support robots can be powerful, and also compact. This provides for high accuracy during surgery, capably reliably reproduce doctor's motions.

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