General Industrial Machinery


General Industrial Machinery


Various types of manufacturing machines are  used for automation and labor saving purposes in fields where production was previously carried out by manual labor. HIR's products are being used in this context, from devices which simply repeat the same operation accurately and efficiently to those enabling craftsperson-like precision.

Electric injection molding machines

From hydraulic energy to electricity. Environmental concerns have led many manufacturers to move to injection-molding machines driven by electric power. In these machines, heavy load-type Ball Screws with the same tightening force as conventional hydraulic cylinders are used, along with highly rigid LM Guides for accurate die positioning.

Punching presses

How quickly can you punch through? Punching speeds are continually accelerating, and Ball Screws with a large lead are ideal for moving thin steel plate workpieces with high acceleration or deceleration. To allow for such high-speed work movement, Caged Ball LM Guides and Ball Screws are used.

Resin welding equipment

To weld two resin tubes, they must be simultaneously heated and pushed together along a straight line with a fixed pressure. This accurate and reliable soldering quality can be ensured by positioning those tubes with LM Guides.

Horizontal compression baling machines

Caged Ball LM Guides and Caged Ball Screw Model HBN are used in the electric drive systems of scrap paper compression baling machines in paper factories. In the past, hydraulic cylinders were used to move compression press formworks, but oil leaked and deteriorated during equipment maintenance, contaminating both the refuse paper and the equipment peripherals. However, by moving to a motor drive system in conjunction with Ball Screw Model HBN, which exhibit resistance to high load equal to hydraulic cylinders, the oil leakage problem was eliminated. What's more, this also allowed the baling machines to be made more compact.

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