Semiconductor and LCD Manufacturing Equipment


Semiconductor and LCD Manufacturing Equipment


Today, semiconductor and LCD panel manufacturing equipment is essential for the production of all kinds of electric and electronic appliances, including PCs, cell phones and flat-panel televisions. Advances in this equipment promote enhancements to PC performance and cell phone functions, and enrich people's lives by reducing the cost of flat panel TV sets. HIR's products can meet this kind of high-technology need for fine movement control.

Glass edge polishing units

Compact ball screws and Caged Ball LM Guides exhibiting very smooth movement are used in highly efficient production systems used for LCD panels for car navigation systems and mobile tools.

Glass substrate conveyor equipment

To transfer large crystal glass substrates over long distances quickly, high speed, superb accuracy and the ability to track even when long strokes are necessary. A combination of LM Guides and linear motor driving systems can deliver this.

LCD panel prober table units

In order to test the electrical characteristics of LCD panel substrates, the measuring instrument must be capable of positioning the substrates accurately over a wide area. LM Guides and ball screws, machined to a high level of accuracy, can provide this tracking control and contribute to efficient manufacturing even as the size of the substrates increases.

Dicing saws

Dicing saws cut and separate each IC chip from its larger wafer. Laser cutting devices and very thin radial blades at the end of high-speed rotating spindles are used to accurately cut out the IC chips. LM Guides and Ball Screws are used in the guidance and driving sections, which must always operate with a high level of accuracy and stability. THK’s ultra precision technologies excel in this technology.

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