Machine Tools


Machine Tools

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HIR's linear motion systems help provide the guidance that makes this precision and speed possible. All the various parts used in machine tools are made by "mother machines" that produce machine parts themselves. Whether fine and complex or massive and heavy, the manufacturing precision of parts produced by machine tool is increasing at an accelerating pace. 

Machining centers

The leading player among cutting machines is the "machining center." Highly accurate and rigid, Caged Ball LM Guides and Ball Screws are used for the table that must position the workpiece accurately and quickly, as well as the driving mechanism that moves cutting tools.The Cross-Roller Rings are used for the rotary table that is required to move in a smooth rotary motion.

Milling machines

LM Guides and Ball Screws that can operate without wasted movement are used in milling machine guidance systems. Although the machining centers and other CNC lathes are mainstream in the manufacture of mass-produced products, milling machines are still used at the cutting edge of manufacturing production for ultra high-precision products.

CNC lathes

With their high rigidity and accuracy, LM Guides and Ball Screws are essential to the movement of the lathe's tool post with a very compact design, they can contribute to the miniaturization of equipment.

Plano millers

In large milling machines like Plano miller the use of rigid LM Guides allows the table to smootly move large parts to be machined with a high level of accuracry.

CNC hobbing machines

Sliding guides have traditionally been used for hobbing machines that produce gears for motion and power transfer, but piping design and lubrication management has been difficult. Using LM Guides and Ball Screws together with lubrication options, you can reduce system design work and assembly steps while lengthening the system maintenance requirement cycle.

Surface grinding machines

Until recently, hydraulic cylinders were used to feed the tables of surface grinding machines. But now that Ball Screws and servo systems are used for table feeding, this can be done with more accuracy at higher speeds, improving productivity. A machine operating with Ball Screws does not require any hydraulic system, making the machine cleaner and reducing any negative impact on the environment.

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