Precision Instruments


Precision Instruments


As equipment becomes smaller and more accurate, the need for precision in the manufacturing of machine parts increases. Measuring instruments allowing higher accuracy to be maintained help to meet this need. HIR products are making great contributions to the ability of precision instruments to detect very fine movements and changes.

Large 3-dimensional measuring devices

Proper guidance is vital to large 3-dimensional measuring devices. With probe tips overhung far away from the guidance mechanism, even small movements can affect measurement accuracy. High-precision LM Guide are used in these devices to provide accuracy, smooth movement and rigidity.

Small measuring microscopes

More and more fine machining operations are being demanded in the high-precision processing technologies field. The small measuring microscopes that measure these very small machine parts use THK's LM Guides for high-speed and high-performance auto focusing mechanisms. In addition, our Ball Guides are used for the guidance of tables that carry the test piece. They contribute to the improvement of operability during the execution of fine movements.

Grain inspectors

Grain inspectors perform high-speed image analysis using sensors. Those sensors must move smoothly with a linear motion. Vibrations and speed variations must be minimized. Our miniature LM Guides can solve those difficult problems.

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