Ball Screw Fixed Side Seat BK BF


Ball Screw Fixed Side Seat BK BF


Square Fixed Side Model BK

Square Supported Side Model BF

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Uses the Optimal Bearing

To ensure the rigidity balance with the Ball Screw, the Support Unit uses an angular bearing (contact angle: 30°; DF confi guration) with a high rigidity and a low torque. 

Miniature Support Unit models EK/FK 4, 5 and 6 are incorporated with a miniature angular bearing with a contact angle of 45° developed exclusively for miniature Ball Screws.

This bearing has a greater contact angle of 45° and an increased number of balls with a smaller diameter. 

The high rigidity and accuracy of the miniature angular bearing provides the stable rotational performance.


 Support Unit Shapes

The square and round shapes are available for the Support Unit to allow the selection according to the intended use.


Compact and Easy Installation

The Support Unit is compactly designed to accommodate the space in the installation site. As the bearing is provided with an appropriately adjusted preload, the Support Unit can be assembled with a Ball Screw unit with no further machining. Accordingly, the required man-hours in the assembly can be reduced and the assembly accuracy can be increased.

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