LMX Series - Cross Guide Rail


LMX Series - Cross Guide Rail


4-way Equal Load

High Rigidity

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Balls roll in four rows of raceways precision-ground on a LM rail and a LM block, and endplates incorporated in the LM block allow the balls to circulate. Since retainer plates hold the balls, they do  not fall off even if the LM rail is pulled out. 

This is an integrated LM Guide that combines two LM rails, which have the same internal structure  as the successful and established Model LMA, that intersect each other back to back. It is machined  with high precision so that the hexahedral perpendicularity of the LM block is within 2μm per 100mm. 

The two rails are also machined with high precision in relative straightness. As a result, extremely high accuracy in orthogonality is achieved. Since an orthogonal LM system can be achieved  with the Model LMX alone, a conventionally required saddle is no longer necessary. This enables  the structure for X-Y motion to be simplifi ed, and the whole system can be downsized.

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