LMW Series - Wide Ball Guide Rail


LMW Series - Wide Ball Guide Rail


Compact, Heavy Load

Self-adjustment Capability


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LMW balls roll in four rows of raceways precision-ground on an LM rail and an LM block, and endplates  incorporated in the LM block allow the balls to circulate. 

Since retainer plates hold the balls, they do  not fall off even if the rail is pulled out.  Each row of balls is placed at a contact angle of 45°, so that the rated loads applied to the LM block  are uniform in four directions (radial, reverse radial and lateral directions), enabling the  Guide to  be used in all orientations. In addition, the LM block can receive a well-balanced preload, increasing the rigidity in four directions while maintaining a constant, low friction coeffi cient. In a low center  of gravity structure with a large rail width and a low overall height.

This model can be used in places  requiring compactness or high rigidity against moments, even in a single-axis confi guration.

Model LMW-CA

The flange of the LM block has tapped holes. Can be mounted from the top or the bottom.

Model LMW-CR

Models LMW17/21CR have four tapped holes  in the LM block. Models LMW27/35/50CR have  six tapped holes in the LM block.

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