Rolled Thread Series for Conveying


Rolled Thread Series for Conveying

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Structure and strengths

【Multiple combinations of shaft diameters and leads】

You can choose a combination of shaft diameter and lead that meets the usage conditions from various nut types and screw shaft lead combinations. Nut types include return pipe nuts (representing the most diverse types in the series), compact single nuts, and large lead end cap nuts.

【Provide standard products for screw shaft (unfinished and finished products at the shaft end)】

The type of unprocessed screw shaft at the shaft end, whose screw shaft is manufactured in bulk according to the standard length; The type of screw shaft that completes machining at the end of the shaft, where the screw shaft is machined to fit the corresponding support unit. Both types are provided as standard parts.

【According to the accuracy specifications of JIS (ISO)】

The accuracy of ball screws is managed in accordance with JIS standards (JIS B1192-1997) and ISO3408.

Types and strengths

(1)Rolled Thread BTF Series for Conveying

This rolling screw adopts a new cyclic structure, achieving a DN value of 100000. It has interchangeability with previous models in terms of nut outer diameter and installation hole size, so it can replace previous products. Some specifications of this model have left-hand screw.

(2)Rolled Thread BNF Series for Conveying

This model is the simplest model for a single nut, assembled using bolt holes on the flange. This model of nut tube cycle has interchangeability, and the nut and screw can be sold separately.

(3)Rolled Thread BLF Series for Conveying

This model can achieve stable motion during high-speed rotation by adopting an end cap circulation method. This model can provide high-precision grinding screws.

(4)Rolled Thread BWF Series for Conveying

This model is a large lead rolling lead screw, which can achieve high-speed rotation and provide high-precision grinding of the lead screw due to the use of end cover circulation.

(5)Rolled Thread BTN Series for Conveying

There are threaded holes machined on the square nut for installation, which can be directly assembled with the mechanical body without the need for a support seat.

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